Important Information about IXIARO®

IXIARO® is not used to treat the disease or its complications once they develop.

Individuals with the following conditions should discuss vaccination with their physician: pregnant or breastfeeding women; persons with a bleeding disorder, or abnormal bruising; persons with fever (temp. >37.8ºC); immunosuppressed persons or individuals on cancer treatment.

As with all injectable vaccines, appropriate medical treatment and supervision should always be available to treat rare cases of anaphylactic reactions following the administration of the vaccine. IXIARO® must never be injected into a vein or any blood vessel. Like other intramuscular injections, this vaccine should not be administered intramuscularly to persons with thrombocytopenia, hemophilia or other bleeding disorders.

If your immune system does not work properly (immunodeficiency) or you are taking medicines affecting your immune system (such as a medicine called cortisone or cancer medicine), protection may not be as expected.

Uncommon side effects include vomiting, skin rash, changes in lymph nodes, migraine and dizziness.

Please see Consumer Information leaflet for complete prescribing information.



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